So why set out together ?


Over and above the choice of original itineraries that I propose, setting out together means you are choosing the certainty of a real shared enthusiasm, a passion for far off lands, the undiscovered, the people who live there and their grassroots realities.


Each of the itineraries you will discover throughout these pages are off the beaten track and favour the wide open spaces of freedom, far from the sterilised and the inauthentic. What I can offer you is the choice of craftsmanship as a style of travel.


A professional Guide is capable of taking into account, and anticipating, a detail that could make or break a journey. Setting out together means choosing a wealth of diverse experience, accumulated over nineteen years running walking tours with and for the major French Tour Operators specialising in Adventure Tourism and twenty-eight Saharan winters – thirteen of them in Mauritania – and also during several years as a vagabond in the North and the South of the African continent, in the Middle East, South America and the Arctic polar circle, from Deserts to Mountains via the Lands of the Far North.


Composing an emotional score together during a joint immersion in the elsewhere is not just a case of wishing to leave our footprints on the spaces we share, or to snap the finest photo. It involves deliberately choosing to want, and to try, to understand the people met during a journey and who very often give it its value, and sometimes even its entire meaning.


Finally, setting out together means choosing not to hope to find a “Sustainable Tourism” or “Responsible Tourism” page on this site, because the values of humanity, and of respect, both for others and for our environment, are either there or not. They do not require a “Green Logo” and pointless lip service. Hope to see you soon on the tracks and path at the other side of the World... Bruno